Here's What I've Done.

My education is in communications. I thought that if countries and companies could communicate clearly, then there would be world peace, (seriously). I earned my Bachelors of Commerce at Concordia University in Montreal (my hometown) where I studied International Marketing and languages (six in all). I began my career in Tel-Aviv, Israel doing Marketing Communications for core technology companies.

My work was noticed by the Israeli Minister of Communications who hired me as her advisor to oversee the deregulation of telecommunications; shortly thereafter I became her aide and speechwriter for international meetings with heads of companies and heads of state. (That’s where I learned that people are people regardless of their position. Like when the head of HBO grinned from ear-to-ear upon hearing that I was a Garry Shandling fan or when Bibi, Prime Minister then and now, stepped off stage, looked me square in the eyes and asked, “Did I do OK?” Priceless.)

After our first child was born, I transitioned from full-time to consultant, developing and executing branding for technology companies and also construction, education, fashion and lifestyle businesses. Eventually, I started my own business, Mothers & Menus, a meal delivery service for expectant and new moms, authored The Well-Rounded Pregnancy Cookbook (Clarkson Potter), and provided parenting seminars at Fortune 100 companies. I also led grassroots mom marketing campaigns, like the one for Stonyfield’s YoMommy (yes, that was a thing. Like YoSalad, also a thing).

And then I decided to take a break from it all and stay at home with my kids full-time. Fun, frustrating, fulfilling and ultimately terrifying when I realized that I wanted to get back in the game and that the game had changed so much in the time I had taken off (#socialmedia).

These days find me back at my roots. Talking to as many people as I can (online and off-) to better understand how they see the world. And still holding out for world peace (#relentlessoptimist).