It's True: Being Thin is Easier

It’s true:

Being thin is easier than being fat.

Having money is easier than not having it.

Being happy is easier than being grief-stricken.

Being healthy is easier than being sick.

Being satisfied at your job is better than being bored.

Being good with your family is better than being in conflict with them.

Being loyal in your marriage is better than being unsure about it.

Not wanting something that may hurt you and the people around you is easier than wanting it.

But denying yourself the truth of what you want in favor of things being easier or better almost always backfires as you pretzel yourself into a fetus-shaped ball that will do anything to avoid the soul-crushing truth that you are not being who you truly are and acknowledging what you truly want.

And that, in my experience, is harder than anything else.

So this year, try forgoing your usual resolutions and instead, resolve to give yourself the time and space to unravel that which is truly you:

To uncover yourself and give yourself room to be. To treat yourself with supreme kindness. To be self-ish in your relationships. To wear clothes that flatter your figure no matter what shape or size you are right now. To praise the choices you have made to date (even if it’s time to make new ones). To approach transitions with the gentleness and sweetness that changes respond well to. To remember that the more self-aware you are, the more you suffer from intra-personal conflict, and to bring that awareness to your self-awareness when you’re being too harsh with yourself. To flip the Golden Rule and do unto yourself as you would do unto others.

To trust that 2019 brings with it goodness, health, joy and magic; and that even if it doesn’t, to trust that you have the resilience and support to deal with whatever comes your way. Because you do.

I adore you, dear Reader.

Happy 2019.