A Love Letter (the Thin Line Between Love and Loss)

Do I have enough of you in me?

Your words, your sanity, your perspective, your way of seeing me that is so whole, so good, so ok exactly as I am, that I get to settle into this feeling of alrightness, of peace, of contentment, of being with myself and not needing to change a thing.

Do you have enough of me in you?

My love, adoration, appreciation, admiration, respect, awe, hugs and the right words at the right time or a giggle or guffaw if that’s what you need, so that you remember how amazing you are and how nobody, nothing can touch the incredibleness that is you at the center of your core.

Do I have enough of you in me to remember, reuse, recycle, when I need it so that I don’t go at it alone, go at it all wrong, follow my critics instead of sitting tight and waiting for my admirers to come round?

Do you have enough of me that you can retrieve, receive, relive for an instant, a shoulder squeeze or a smile or caress or nothing at all, just being there for you because it helps?

Do I have enough? Do you?

Will it ever be enough?