I Love the Beach but Not the Sand (and Other Human Contradictions)

I love to travel but not to fly.

I love hello but not goodbye.

I love to dance but not to sweat.

I love to hope but not regret.

I love the fire but not the burn.

I love desire but not the yearn.

I love the taste but not the binge.

I love the truth but not the cringe.

I love the freedom, but not the cost.

I love the having, but not the loss.

I love the mystery, but not the unknown.

I love my solitude, but not my alone.

I love the bond but not the break.

I love to love but not to ache.

I love the image but not the lie.

I love to feel but not to cry.

The truth of the matter is, when I pry -

I love to live, but not to die.