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Reconnecting to Your Self (Whatever That Means)

I got married 21 years ago today. That’s 21 years of struggles and stress, celebrations and surprises (some more pleasant than others). 21 years of my belly growing, my heart expanding and my tolerance increasing as I learned to make room in and around myself for the (amazing) people that I share my life with.

21 years of figuring out how to compromise, to share, to think of others without losing myself.

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Lessons Learned from Running the NYC Marathon (aka Why Luann May be Right about Bethenny and Carole)

When I first considered running the NYC Marathon, I asked around for some advice. Tom’s turned out to be the most useful: “Run. Follow the training.” The training, it turned out, was where the transformation happened.

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Why Your Relationship Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be

Fantasies thrive in relationships. Relationships that haven’t started yet or relationships that have been going on for decades. The coulds, woulds and shoulds of relationship wreak havoc as we hang our expectations atop one another. 

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