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In this age of easy transformation, be your best self, 30-minute makeovers and Five Steps to Anything - it is counter-intuitive to sit in an ordinary life. We live in the shadow of our best self’s potential. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be your best self, except for the constant and painful reminder that who you are right now is your less-than-best self.

This 90-minute gathering is an invitation to press pause on whatever you are working on and immerse in the extra-ordinariness of your ordinary life. During it, you may get to feel what drives your search for self-improvement, and what you can rest in when your driver gets tired. 

Chances are, you will walk out with whatever you brought in. But you might have a little less charge around it, a little more space for it, a little less demand from it to be fixed. (You might not.) Either way, you will have had the experience of self-inquiry within community. So that you can feel a little less alone in what you are carrying around. And possibly, a little lighter, as well.

Location: Upper East Side, NY, NY (exact address given upon registration)

Cost: No cost, however, space is limited, so register today.

If you cannot attend in person, I’d still love to hear from you, please join me on our online meeting page.