Karen Gurwitz
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 “This is an invitation to press pause on becoming your best self and sink into the extraordinariness of your ordinary self. To take a moment to feel the truth that lies underneath the busy-ness of our lives. To rest in that moment, whatever it is, and trust that you can meet it, however you are.”

Taking a break from transformation is counter-intuitive. Everything we see and hear supports our self-improvement. And sometimes that is the correct thing to do. But when you have been trying to fix something over and over again, you overlook the part of yourself that does not require any fixing. The part that is always whole, regardless of circumstance or feeling.

Figuring out the difference between the two can be challenging. Hence the invitation to press pause on transformation. To take a break from whatever it is you are trying to fix and feel the truth of what comes up in that moment. It helps to soften your self-awareness and bring kindness to your curiosity. It also helps to find like-minded company to support you - be they good friends, good books, or a familiar voice sharing their own experiences of inquiry. I hope to be that for you. —Karen

Karen, I always treasure your introspections.
Your posts are intellectually delicious.
— Gerry G.
Yup. You took the words out of my mouth! :) I feel you!!
— Amy
My questions exactly! Each and every one of them. Still struggling to figure them out...
— Maya
You nailed it.
— Tiffany R.
Ah, Karen, there you go again - nudging us to think a bit more deeply. Thank you.
— Christine T.
This was really “food for thought”. Thank you.
— Anita
You make me think, reflect, laugh, sometimes even spill a tear, accept, sigh, and at the end, you make me smile...in other words, you make me feel good with where I am!
— Miki
I absolutely love your writing!
— Yael
Thank you for sharing many of my thoughts. Sometimes just the questions are enough.
— Jess S.